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Chicago Cubs Concept


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you're dealin with my team, so I'll try to be as gentle as I can.

I don't really get the red hat on the alt. I figure if ya wanna have a red hat, just use the bear by itself, our C doesn't look as good in blue on red as it does as red on blue.

now looking at the home, i'm trying to figure out why you switched around the colors on the C and bear. again, neither looks as good this way. I guess it'd work as an alternate to the homes, but as a primary jersey we'd burn this. that, and the hat's okay, but I wouldn't use a white C.

goin on the road, maybe I should send Creamer my Cuba script sooner rather than later. this CHICAGO does nothing for me, especially with it being red instead of blue, and I like the sleeve number on the Phillies but not on the Cubbies. the hat's a good idea though, I like the gray bill.

back to the alternate, I already said my piece on the hat. I like the jersey for the most part, except for the number placement-it's opposite the manufacturer's tag when it should be opposite the C-UBS logo :D . heck, IIRC Champs is selling a similar jersey.

good productionwise, the execution is coming.

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For starters, the red bear would definitely not fly. However, I like the "CHICAGO" wordmark on the road...it would be an improvement over what the team has now.

(to Discrimihater) I would agree, a lone blue bear would make a great alternate hat logo.


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