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WA's entry into the Super 14


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That bird looks to me more like a thunderbird or phoenix, not swan, but either way no bird is a force. To me force can be represented with elephant, gator or lion... And as I know my Australian culture Swan is more of NSW symbol then WA - Aussies please confirm, or teach me different.

Anyway, thta bird would be a great logo for some hotel resort, or IT company, but as a sports logo, i don't dig it. And the font is too generic...

Those super 12 team don't have so good logos, IMO Reds are by far the best in the league, but compared to NRL rugby, storm, Broncos, Warriors and Raiders are much better. NRL has great logos in general.

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And as I know my Australian culture Swan is more of NSW symbol then WA - Aussies please confirm, or teach me different.

The Black Swan (Cygnus atratus) is a native species of aquatic fowl found throughout Australia. In 1697, early Dutch explorers in what is now Western Australia named the Swan River, doing so as a result of being impressed by the vast number of black swans found upon the waterway. By the 1800s, the black swan was being utilized as a common symbol of Western Australia, appearing on state bank notes, the Swan River Guardian newspaper, postage stamps, etc. By 1870, an official state badge - featuring a black swan on a yellow background - had been adopted. Use of this badge on Western Australia's blue ensign began during the same period. In September of 1912, when the Royal Warrant was issued granting Armorial Ensign and Supporters to the Commonwealth of Australia, the black swan was designated as the symbol of Western Australia. The fowl was proclaimed Western Australia's official bird in July of 1973.

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The WA Rugby entry into the newly-expanded Super 14 competition will be known as the "WA Force".

Link to press release on Fox Sports

While I like the colours and don't mind the name I think the logo blows big-time.

Our team here in QLD sucks mightily, but at least we have a nifty logo:


The Reds do have a nice logo. That WA Force logo and name are not very inspiring. I guess all the good names in the Super 12 are taken (I like the Crusaders nickname and logo most of all) Does anyone see some sort of resemblance to the Scotland logo?

As a side note: Chargers QB Drew Brees actually wore the Reds jersey during a news conference regarding his re-signing.

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(one opening correction: it's the Western Force, not WA Force)


OK, as a native of WA, let me start out by applauding them for finding a way to incorporate WA Rugby's traditional icon into the logo without actually giving the team a weak moniker like the Swans or the Black Swans.

Unfortunately, this is where the positives end. Their idea of 'Force' actually looks far more like a Hurricane or a Storm (hello Wellington, hello Stormers, how are you?), so not only is it a nothing name with fairly tenuous associations to strength, power, etc etc, but the logo could easily be mistaken for that of a couple of other teams! And that logo really doesn't do much of a job of implying great power either.

Of course, there is the wordmark to clear things up (provided you don't mistake Force for a sponsor, that is!), but even this is disappointing. For a league where team nicknames have far more prominence than locality names, the nickname wordmark and logo need to be far more interesting than this. I've heard of KISS, but this is ridiculous.

And I won't even get started on the endless number of 'Farce' and Star Wars headlines this name will generate. Yech. 'Western' is a strong team name with lots of potential...this is just really disappointing. Looks like I'll be becoming a Brumbies fan after all...

I can but hope that they've stolen my jumper ideas and not told me ;)

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In fact, the Sydney Swans are so named due to them having a number of Western Australians play for them in the 1930's.

It was originally intended as a slur on them 'buying' a good team.

But the name stuck and they've used it ever since.

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heh...a swan on the back. congratulations Western Force, for creating the mullet of sports designs <_<

coulda been a lot better, couldn't be that much worse. guess they didn't wanna look like an NRL club, though they woulda been better off going in that direction.

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(Why were they wearing their alt strip for a game in Perth? Yeah yeah, I know. Merchandising...)

I don't mind the design they've used -- in isolation -- but damn it makes the numbering awkward. That pale version of royal blue really doesn't work on a background of black and gold. Would like to see the blue strip in action to see how that scheme works out...

I may yet buy one, but not at AU$149!

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