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Calgary Pronghorns Unis


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UPDATE-new nis posted below-

Theses are for my TNFF team, the Calgary Pronghorns.

Last season the team was known as the Peregrines, but I decided to change the identity after my co-owner left the team, and to start over that way.

I've been kicking around the ideas for awhile--and wanted to keep them simple--which proved to take longer than I thought it would--I earlier posted a quick Madden take on the unis--but am now unveiling them in a regular template (one of STL Fanatic's) SyPhi created a new logo for me as well, and that also added time to the process. Sy gave me a couple of different reds, but I've changed the red again-

I tried to do the pronghorns as pant stripes, but wasn't happy with the results.

So here they are for you comments, suggestions, etc-

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The prong on the antler should be facing the other way (up) no?

And I'd make the antler just appear from the base (ala the Rams or Eagles) instead of jutting from that awkward T intersection.......which makes it look like one antler that splits half way up.

I'd also consider using your darker color for said antler.

Otherwise. Nice work.

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I would match the antlers to the same color that they are in the logo.

Also, I think you should have some lines on the jersey or pants that mimic the line styles in the logo. Something Bronco-esque. Just my opinion though.

Looks like a great start.

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Agreed with everything Sterling and Ez have said. Some great suggestions.

I know you're trying to go for a more classic look with this... however the number font is also throwing me off. While the logo has a lot of smooth curves and sharp corners, the numbers have straight lines and rounded corners. Y'know what I mean?

That said, the colour looks great, and I really like the idea behind the helmet.

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And that's why I ask the experts! Thanks.

A few things, though-

From the front a pronghorn seems to have some connection between the horns at the bottom--so that's why they don't spring up separately--the connection between them is intentional, and for a reason- plus I tried it in Madden both ways--and this way looks better in actual use. This is different than the Madden version I posted earlier.

I tried the antlers both up & down as mentioned and like them better this way--but there are good reasons to have them either way.

The antlers and jerseys both use the same red--in fact I tear dropped the red in from the antler.

I would match the antlers to the same color that they are in the logo.

I tired it--but red is the primary colour and it looked odd to have them purple-I also tried purple antlers on a red helmet--looked worse.

Also, I think you should have some lines on the jersey or pants that mimic the line styles in the logo. Something Bronco-esque. Just my opinion though.

I tried this as well, but my own limitations (skill, time, software--but mostly skill) kept it from working--I would like to do this so if anybody's up to tweaking it for me-I'd appreciate it!

As for the number font--I'm not sold on it--I may change that-but at the time I liked it...(Any suggestions on font? Did you base the wordmark on an existing font?)

So some things to consider and try out further.

I'm having fun with this, and should be back at the drawing board later this evening...

(Another thing I'm not sold on is the purple sock stripe for the roads--that may end up changing too)

Thanks again guys...

(And anybody else who wants to add anything--feel free to)

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I made the original horns bigger, and they distorted in the shrinking to the helmet, unfortunately I can't find the bigger horns--but I agree they need to be cleaned up a bit--I'll try and get a front view too---I did try one for this post--but it wasn't working either...

So I'm fooling around with some of the ideas here--I'll see what I can come up with and what I like.

And Sterling--I'm getting a red "X"--I was hoping to see your idea!

Thanks for the additional input--both the good & bad...

This is the earlier version of the helmet in Madden--it would look a bit different now.

Phorn helm

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  • 4 weeks later...

And now presenting the Calgary Pronghorns' 2005 uniforms.

Barring any ideas I can't resist-these will be the final product-I changed the number & nmae font, added a small logo on the jersey front above the number, and changed the helmets.

I'm still not sold on purple horns working with the red on the uni--but I tried both red & purple.

I tried using the horn idea on the jerseys and the pants--but I wasn't sold on it--but if I ever did a hockey uni I'd definitely use the horns on the jersey.

Comments still welcome-





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Still not sold on the numbers you're using there. Odd choice on putting the wordmark on the back while using the logo under the collar. The helmet's better, I'd say go with the purple horns and red mask, so that it matches the logo better.

I dunno, it looks like you're trying to go very traditional with a definitely non-traditional logo, and it's just throwing off the whole look.

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I'm not so sure the logo is non traditional. The first design on a football helmet was the Rams horn--almost the same as what they have today.

Both the Philadelphia Eagles and Montreal Alouettes have used wings coming out of the helmets, and the Vikings have had their horns for years.

Their older unis weren't that non traditional, and some of their current ones are traditional to a degree. (sorrry if this is not what you meant.)

I understand your comments though. However I tried over 100 fonts for the numbers and tried making my own--I used the one I like head & shoulders above any others. I kept 17 as the number to show the difference between the 1 & 7.

As I put above I tried the horn motif on the pants and the jersey and jsut one or the other--none of them worked for me-I don't like the Bronco's unis so that ruled out some ways ousing the horns--I tried various striping styles--I tried them Titans shoulder style and other shoulder styles--none worked for me.

As for the logo on fornt and wordmark on the back--I relaize this is not the usual way--but I tried both and only 1 in all possible combinations and tried it without either, and I like this arrangement. I think they set each other off better and I like the logo on the frontbetter than the wordmark... So I'll admit that part may be nontraditional--but I think it's more subtle.

Now all that said--as I posted above if anyone has any ideas I can't resist-I'll give them a shot-or if anyone wants to take a stab at it--I'll consder it--but I really like these, and I must admit Sterling's idea on the helmets was a great idea (although I used less curve than his example.) They help make it as they are the biggest change from the original concept.

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