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RBK Hockey 2005 Calder Cup Playoff Fantasy Contest


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RBK Hockey 2005 Calder Cup Playoff Fantasy Contest


I Created a League on AHL05p.

In order to join this league follow these steps:

1. Go to AHLFantasy2005

2. Become a member of Canoe (if you are already a member skip this


3. Click on 'League Standings'

4. Click on 'Join League'

5. Enter the following League Name and Password.

League Name: SURVIVOR

League Password: RANDY


Pick your team for the RBK Hockey 2005 Calder Cup Playoff Fantasy

Contest today.

The player lists are on-line and it's time to select your lineup for


Division Semifinals!


The overall entry deadline is Tuesday, April 19th @ 6:59 p.m. ET.


This contest features all games during the 2005 Calder Cup Playoffs.


will earn points by selecting 10 players per playoff round -- 6

forwards, 3

defensemen and 1 goaltender -- earning points for goals, assists,


goals, short-handed goals, overtime goals, wins and shutouts. Submit

your game

form today and become eligible for great prizes

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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