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SEC Hockey - same as the temp board


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I didn't see the comments on the temp board before we came back so I decided to post them again... Sorry in advance for the quality C&C please






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Vandy: Really nice. Surprised metallic gold hasn't made it into the NHL.

Mississippi State: Ditto, but are black and gold part of their colors?

Florida: Ditto, but Miami fans will be screaming about the green (though I see that the gator is supposed to be green).

Arkansas: Ditto except for the numbers -- the font isn't bad, but that font looks blurry.

Bama: Are they half-dyslexic? (I'm referring to the 1 on one shoulder.) Red ones look great -- like my high school's. Gray ones will look great when the numbers are outlined in white. Or flip it -- white with a red outline. It looks better in person than you might think.)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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