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Blue Jays Logo Concept


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I was thinking how most teams have the first letter of the city their in on their cap, or team name, and just the letter. So I thought a T on the cap would be cooler then the J...because we are Toronto and we should market that. So this is kind of using the city of Toronto flag plus the old jays font to make a stylized T and a flaming baseball to signifiy the Dot for the T Dot. The flames are actually a maple leaf...I have not done this in Illustrator yes because I dont know if its good enough to be transfered into it. So C&C would be helpful to help me decide if its worth the time and effort to import it. Thanks.


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I was just fine with the T on the blue jay on a blue cap.

I like it too...thats why I want to being the T back...but the bird on it with the yellow bat kinds threw off how good it could have been. I still own that hat...and will miss that T...hence why I made this newer, cooler one. :P

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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