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LILG'S Mock Draft for the board


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Hey guy's I was thinking, why don't we do a Mock Draft For the Board. What we would do is choose a team and when our team was on the clock so to say we would choose the player for the respected team. Plus whoever chooses their team and they have 2 picks than you will be responsible for the 2 picks. You may also trade up with anyone in the Mock Draft, just like the real draft. My team that I will choose is the Detroit Lions with the 10th Pick. We will choose as soon as everyone has their teams!

Draft List

1. San Francisco 49ers

2. Miami Dolphins(Braden)

3. Cleveland Browns

4. Chicago Bears

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

6. Tennessee Titans

7. Minnesota Vikings(ROCHitman)

8. Arizona Cardinals(lilg)

9. Washington Redskins(jonkj)

10. Detroit Lions(lilg)

11. Dallas Cowboys

12. San Diego Chargers

13. Houston Texans

14. Carolina Panthers

15. Kansas City Chiefs(EZ Street)

16. New Orleans Saints

17. Cincinnati Bengals

18. Minnesota Vikings(ROCHitman)

19. St. Louis Rams

20. Dallas Cowboys(ROCHitman)

21. Jacksonville Jaguars

22. Baltimore Ravens(buzzcut)

23. Seattle Seahawks

24. Green Bay Packers(buzzcut)

25. Washington Redskins

26. Oakland Raiders(From New York Jets)

27. Atlanta Falcons(tarheeltider)

28. San Diego Chargers

29. Indianapolis Colts

30. Pittsburgh Steelers

31. Philadelphia Eagles

32. New England Patriots(bosox)

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Here is what teams will go to which members

lilg-Detroit Lions

ROCHitman- Minnesota Vikings

EZ Street- Kansas City Chiefs

buzzcut- Green Bay Packers

tarheeltider- Atlanta Falcons

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