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Sidney Crosby goes 5th overall


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Im playing as the Wings,looking to rebuild for the future.So i make a deal to move up to #5 in the draft,thinking i could still pull a really good player.When it came to my pick Sidney was still there,so of course with out any hesitation at all Crosby became a Wing.I have no idea what the computer was thinking but here was the top 5

1. Pittsburgh: Gilbert Brule C

2. Atlanta: Alexander Galimov C

3. Calgary: Jakub Kindel D

4. Chicago: Ryan O'Marra C

5. Detroit: Sidney Crosby C

Kinda intresting as i think Brule is a very good player but hes not a #1 in a draft where Crosby is availible.And who is Alexander Galimov? But all i can say at least in the NHL:Eastside Hockey Manager world is welcome to the Motor City Mr Crosby :)

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in ehm, the computer accordingly to where they are placed. so its not uncommon to see someone like Crosby sitting at 5th on the CSB and the computer passes him over and he is avail at 5th pick. the ehm computer is pretty stupid, you can trade a bunch of junior aged scrubs and stack your team with all stars, then turn around and trade them for top 1sts and draft top end talent.

I played as the Atlanta Thrashers, and built my team through the draft. as my players like lehtonen were developing in the ahl. in 3 seasons, the thrashers were a power house dynasty. course it helps robbing last place teams of there 1sts. :grin:

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