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LA Kings Logo Concept(s)


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Nice idea.

One question: on the secondary, what is the purple mark on the rightmost prong of the crown? I suppose it is there to balance out the "L", but it's awkward. I like the idea of using LA on the crown, but you could even it out 1 of 2 ways:

- center the logo so that the 2 prongs of the crown flank the middle, with an "L" on the left prong and an "A" on the right (which looks odd when I picture it); OR...

- keep the 3-prong view but spread the letters so that the "L" stays on the left prong, the "A" is moved to the right prong. Whatever you feel you want to put on the center is your choice.

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I like the current one a lot. I really don't think it needs to be touched. I also don't like the nickname being the focal point of the primary logo (Hence teams dropping the wordmark when they put it on the jersey.)

Nice artwork though.

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