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Version 1.2 now available. I havechanged the helmets to the two 2d views from the SSUR template. I planned on using RC's helmets, but I had trouble redrawing them. Other change was the 3rd style of jersey.

Vector Version 1.2 (.ai)

Raster Helmet Version 1.2 (.gif)

Raster Jersey 1 Version 1.2 (.gif)

Raster Jersey 2 Version 1.2 (.gif)

Raster Jersey 3 Version 1.2 (.gif)

Raster Pants and Sock Version 1.2 (.gif)

These are best in their vector format, but i think they will work raster as well. You like?

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In case no one noticed, I made some slight modifications to my hockey jersey template. I made the extra wide shoulders big enough to accomodate a name and a shoulder logo. I also added a few jersey manufacteurer icons as well to anyone who wants to spruce it up. Oh and a seem along the bottom to fit the icons in.

Copy and paste: http://www.geocities.com/rogerclemente_isx/jersey.gif


--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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<font color='#000000'>My vectorization of the NikeTeam.com template (including the 3 most common collar types: v-neck, classic, and Nike Wishbone) is now available for download at the Templates database. http://home.earthlink.net/~jbstri....ball.ai is the link, although the file is actually in eps format. You might wanna change the extension to .eps before opening it, just to be sure it works.

Hope you like it, the collars are all on different layers, even Illustrator neophytes should be able to figure it out.</font>

EDIT: See my July 9, 2004 post for my updated templates, available in both raster (Paint, Photoshop) and vector (Illustrator 5.0 and up) format.

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