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I made the following vector baseball template:


The shirts, pants, hat and helmet are all clipping masks to allow sleeve logos and pinstripe/paterns to but put in easily.

Long sleeves are removable.

All paths are labled to making finding the correct one easy.

I based it on the image found in this thread (post #228).

Pm me with an email address if you are interested in the .ai file.

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Check the SVG movement, you traitor! (you want "Uniform Template") They're on Mike Kersey's site in AI too if that doesn't work. Also for the perseon who wanted a helmet in vector check the SVG Movement again(scroll down on the first post). There are plenty of helmets there including the one in my sig (the one by -(dp)-).

And I don't have the action ones, I don't think anyone does.

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haha sorry gbm, I've made the switch (I'll take a free AI anyday). But I'm looking for those templates in .ai format. I know I can convert them but I'd rather get em in .ai

Poor baby. :P Which version is it that you got for free? See I'm the other way, I'd rather pay for a new verion if I want to switch, just get an older version free just cause it's the famed Illustrator. I'm drooling over CS4 though.

Like I said it's all on Mike's site in AI.

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