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Anyone got a good soccer template for a MS Paint user? BMP or GIF.

I checked the list, and the only soccer template I saw was for a long-sleeved goalkeepers' jersey, so any help here would be appreciated! Thanks.

Here, I made and posted this a few pages back: (credit to beatnik for the original template)


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I've seen it around.. Anybody have a good leather helmet template? Doesn't matter what format, I can convert it to my liking, but I would really love it!

Also, if you also have that there vintage uniform template that'd be great too!!!


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Anyone have a 3D vector template for soccer & baseball? I have one for football and hockey but is there somewhere I could get ones for other sports?

Something that looks like this:


I have a baseball one, but I can't really edit it for your needs. My main file is full of flaws, but here it is.


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