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2 nascar concepts


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Well, I got bored and decided to do a couple Nascar designs, minus all the stickers on the side...

I wasn't originally going to post these here, but I figured why not?

Copy and paste

Foot Locker

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Dang the quality (or lack of it) of .gifs...and anyone who hasn't seen a Krispy Kreme doughnut box probably won't "get" that particular design. :;):

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not bad,and yes i do get the KK paint scheme the only negative about the whole thing is the templates look more like late model stock cars the Winston Cup cars,but check out these templates from Motorsports Designs,they are the best IMO





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Dear sweet God, I am a NASCAR fan, and if I ever saw that Krispy Kreme scheme on the track, I would shoot myself and the driver of the car. Great idea for a sponsor though. A good suggestion is to add the secodary sponsers on the front fenders of the car as well as use a handwritten font for the driver's name above the door. Great ideas though. I would love to see more of these types of concepts, seeign as how technically NASCAR cars are racing team's "uniforms" (along with the uniforms they actually wear). I wonder if there is a template out there for a NASCAR driver...
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Sy- Doh. Why didn't I think of ref stripes? Sheesh...

Oz-I agree that the template I'm using isn't exactly the most accurate...but it's a vector template. If anyone knows of a better vector template please let me know!

Brenty- Haha, yeah, I agree the Krispy Kreme car is a little over the top...and I also don't know if I would like to see it on the track. These are fun, and I do think I'll be creating more of these in the future.

I'm also going to experiment with different file types to see if I can get the quality of these up. They looked a LOT better in Illustrator...

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Am I the only one that gets a "Page Not Found" message when following the49er's links? :(

Yeah, right-click on the link and select Copy Link Location (or the equivalent if you're in IE) and then paste it in your address bar. You should then be able to see it. :)

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