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ok, here we go, my first attempt at jersey making. i allready posted this on the other board so if you've seen it there, ignore this. i'd like to thank RogerClemente for the template and logos.

this is a new caps home jersey using thier "Capitol Dome" logo as the primary. i think i may have posted this somewhere before

Caps Home

this a new blues 3rd jersey. its very simply a yellow version of thier current jerseys.

Blues 3rd

these are home and away jerseys for a College of William and Mary hockey team.

W&M away

W&M Home

This is a new jersey for my school, DeMatha HS outside DC. We currently use an Avs based design and i hate the Avs, so i made this Canadiens-based retro design.


What do u guys think?

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Yup, he's right about those, I've got a Blues home jersey right here

There's somethiing interesting but not quite right about that gold jersey, I can't exactly put my finger on it.  It's almost like there needs to be something other than blue and whie in the trim.   (But, dear god, no, not big red splotches.)

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Mockba, interestingly enough, I was also wearing my jersey at the time of my post. Of course, very disappointed..

Mockba, do you by chance post on the Blues official forum. You should come over if not. I post there as bluez brother_38. You too yhollander. People are always complaining, but there is some good hockey talk.


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I didn't even realize that existed.  This (and the FanHome counterpart) is really the only board I keep up with on a regular basis.  I should take a look through, though it looks a little on the "online diarrhea" side.  :laugh:

In case you were wondering, I live in Minneapolis, but I'm a native St. Louisan.  So, hometown devotion being what it is, I'm a Blues fan.  :)

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