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Ot: ken daneyko retires


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Being a Devils fan since i was 1 year old, i just figured i should say something about my favorite player of all time, Ken Daneyko. His loyalty to the Devils and to New Jersey is something so very rare in sports today. He stayed in New Jersey, a place many people would like to flee, and he played some of the best defensive hockey over the last 20 years. Through the skating christmas trees, to the '88 cinderella run, to the '94 heartbreak against the Rangers (Best playoff series EVER, btw), to the Cup just one year later. He survived alcoholisim, came back, and won the Cup again in 2000. He is, and forever will be Mr. New Jersey Devil, and this loyal fan will miss him, and every ideal that he represents, that somehow has been forgoten in today's sports world...


1983 - 2003

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