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Washington Capitals - for the home i used a reverse of the away b/c i hate the check-mark. the away is the same. the away is the one i had posted once b4 but i changed the logo

NJ Devils - i used a deisgn similar to the flyers but not quite. and the 3rd is the one i made b4

NY ISles - i used a design based on a design frylock made in the "WHA Concept project" topic. i asked if i could use it but he never got back to me. ALL CREDIT IS HIS. they alt is one i made b4 the orange alt was revealed

copy/paste/drag all


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They are all very nice... except that copper Washington one.  My favorites are the NYI ones.  One thing, though.  On the away, have the shoulders/sleeve ends/ bottom be orange with white(maybe blue) and silver outlines instead or silver with white and orange.
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