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If American football was an olympic sport

Diablo de Tejas

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By the way, Diablo, those are pretty nice uniforms for England.

Except for one problem. England itself wouldn't play in the Olympics. It would be as the United Kingdom, aka Great Britain. So maybe you need to work on one for the Brits.

Others I wouldn't mind seeing: Canada, Mexico, China and all the Scandinavian countries.

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if you were using NFL players for teh US, CFL players for Canada, then yeah-the gold medal game would be US vs Canada with an American win. just semipros, though, then it gets interesting...Germany and Mexico could give us a real run for teh money, and England, Japan, Scotland and Italy would surprise people. and yes, we do have a national team

Int'l Federation of American Football

European Federation of American Football

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I like both concepts (England, Sweden). But the logo would look better on the sleeves. The English cross and the three-crown Swedish emblem look too big for the front of the jersey. And if your numbers are that large on the front with a logo as well, they'll probably be partially tucked in the pants.

And taking a clue from Sweden hockey, they'd NEVER wear a white jersey. Just a blue one or a yellow one.

Keep going, you're on the right track. :P

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