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2005 MLB All Star Voting


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I cannot believe this. We deal with this every year.

Ramon Hernandez isn't in the top FIVE in the NL for catchers? He leads catchers in nearly every offensive catergory.

Nomar Garciaparra is number one and David Eckstein number two? There are five shortstops in the NL West better than both of those guys right now.

I get the popularity for Pujols but how is Derrek Lee, the possible NL MVP right now, NOT the starting first baseman in the NL?

And Abreu is sixth...Not good.

In the American League the voters are a lot smarter. Brian Roberts at second, Tino Martinez at first, but Manny Ramirez in the outfield?

I get it. In the NL it's all about the Cards and Cubs. In the AL it's all about the Yankees and Red Sox (when is it not?).

I'm just really upset that a guy that's leading all NL catchers in nearly EVERY offensive catergory and is near the top in the others isn't even FIFTH! Michael Barrett is better than Ramon Hernandez? WHAT?

Sorry guys I just had to vent. I realize it's early in the voting count but I felt I should say something while there's still time to make a difference in voting.

So create those email addresses and voted SMARTLY. I don't vote all Padres (Ramon Hernandez is the only deserving starter as far as I'm concerned). I just feel the people who deserve to start the All Star game are getting snubbed year after year because people who only know the Red Sox, Yankees, Cardinals, and Cubs are voting. It gets really bad with home team fans like last year when late in the voting counts every Astros position player on the ballot was at least in the top 3 in voting.

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Starters in the All-Star game all have to do with popularity, not stats. Most people who go to a game haven't heard of guys like Hernandez and Lee. They just look at the position and say "I haven't heard of any of these guys, so I'll just pick the guy from the Cards or Sox because they were in the World Series last year." I was actually shocked to see Brian Roberts leading AL 2B, because he was unknown before this year. I figured Soriano, being the former Yankee that he is, would be way out front.

If it makes you feel any better, Hernandez and Lee are no-doubters to be reserves on the team, and Eckstein will probably get the start at SS after Nomar tore his groin.

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How's Abreu 6th?  He's not even the third best defensive outfielder on his TEAM. 

Right but Abreu's also hitting .339 with 12 HRs and 37 RBI. 110 TB, 1.046 OPS. That sucks? Outside of Derrek Lee I can't think of anyone but Bobby that deserves the NL MVP more right now.

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It will be interesting to see how the NL outfield will turn out this year seeing how the popularity err all-star vote over the past 25 years (okay, maybe no that long) has gone to Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Ken Griffey Jr, now that Sosa is in the AL.

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I really can't argue. I'd put Lee in front of puljos right now no question for an All-Star team right now. He's having an amazing season so far. He's definatly the NL MVP to this point.

I don't think Eckstein number 2 at short is bad. He's had a great year. He had 2 awesome plays in today's game against the rockies. There aren't too many great NL shortstops anymore.

Rolen shouldn't be on there for this season. Edmonds is ok, he's been pretty solid this year both at the plate and in the field. Molina's good at number 4 for catchers. His defense has been amazing so far, and he's starting to get hot with the bat. Grudz has been very good at second base so where he's at is acceptible to me. Larry Walker is on the doorstep for outfielders but that's probably too high for him. His numbers are down this year.

If you have the NL's best record, you are going to have the best player at a couple positions, you aren't that good with a bunch of nobodies.

I don't think its only cause everyone only knows about the Cardinals, I think its because they have a huge fan following, and alot of old people that go to games that punch those cards every single time.

But, if the game counts, you shouldn't use fans voting for the players. It should either be an exhibition, or have the managers/GMs decide like is done with every single other level of baseball. I know its tradition, but if the game truely does count, pick the best 9, not the most popular.

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