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Ah, yes, those who demand that every person comment on their concept. Especially when it's not a realistic concept.

Anyway... I dig it, 'cause I'm a geek. Though, as someone pointed out, the character's name is Tux.

But, also 'cause I'm a geek:


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You mean "Tuxes" or "Pingus (pingues?)".

Tux's means Tux is, or belongs to Tux

Pingu's means Pingu is, or belongs to Pingu

I like Tux better. Pingu reminds me of that flash game with the polar bear swinging a bat at penguins.

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I KNOW THAT THE PENGUIN'S NAME IS TUX. I am not an idiot. But, what sounds better, Tux's or Pingu's?

Neither (see above).

I don't care for the angry flower, despite his being correct.

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