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A Little Cut and Paste Jersey Design


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So, the story behind this jersey and all is my old Adult League team in Maryland was called "D's Nutz." We're a bunch of college and just-out-of-college kids, so we have weird minds when it comes to it. We used the Buffalo black jerseys to use, but never had the crest or shoulder patches for it. So, I was bored and made up what we wanted it to look like. So, without further Apu:

Jerseys (Credit: Roger Clement for the jersey layout):


Logo with Wordmark:


Shoulder design:


So-- there it is. It's my first time doing this-- and it was simple Cut and Paste, so go ahead and give me your impressions of the set.

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...No comment.

Then don't comment. :cursing:

If you're making a real jersey, you'll probably need to illustrate that squirrell (and the nuts) - unfortunately, that would be terrible quality if you did some sort of iron on with the low-res image that you have.

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There's a team in the football league i'm in called Deez Nutz, and their logo is your shoulder patch with the two acorn looking things.

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