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Neely into the HHOF


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as much as i admire Cam....i gotta disagree here....he didnt play long enough to be considered "Hall Worthy " in my book..he had 6 good seasons(and even his best one..93.94 when he did the 50 goals in 49 games,he wasnt the same tough guy he used to be..he only had 50 Pim that year)...if hes in than Rick Tocchet is a 1st year ballot guy ...Tocchet had 300 more points and 1700 more Pims than Cam....and i guess even Theo Fleury gets in too huh?and Tim Kerr..he had 4 -50 goal seasons and 1 at 48...avged more than pont per game over his career(Cam never did tha)....i dunno..in my mind Cam is like Don Mattingly in Baseball..he was on top for a short period but didnt play long enough too be in the HOF..

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I don't understand how they keep dissing Dino Ciccarelli....

Sure, the guy may not have been that talented since he scored nothin but garbage goals from 2 feet away, but the guy had 608 of 'em! 608!!!

And this year's crop was poor.....and he STILL didn't get in! What crap...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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