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Quick number placement question


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When I do uniforms(hockey, mainly), I always use the number 45(i don't know why).  When I center the numbers on the back of the hockey jersey, it looks off to the right because the 5 ends in a straight line, and the 4 has the jut in it.  Currently, I center numbers as a group(45, not 4 then 5) from the widest point.  I tried centering from the top of the #'s but that looks wrong too.  Am I doing it right(widest point), and if not, how are numbers centered(top, widest point, bottom, etc) to their jersey.

P.S.  Thanks to Snowcap, 4 jerseys of mine are up on the other board(Fanhome).  They are under "NHL 3rds in 03/04" on the first page of the topic.  I asked for feedback many times, but am getting none.  So, I am pleading to this board, check 'em out, give me comments, please.  I can only get better if I know what's wrong.

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yeah, you were the only one.

Okay, let's simplify my question:

I have a hockey jersey.  I have the number 45 ready to be put on the jersey.  45.  See how you could draw a straight line down the right side of the 5? And how when drawing a straight line on the left most part of the 4, a line would only touch at the angle of the arms, no where else?  Using those lines as guides, I center my numbers so that the distance from the edge of the jersey to the line on the four(the left edge line) is the same distance from the edge of the other side of the body of the jersey to the line on the 5(right edge line), thereby centering the numbers on the body of the jersey.  But when you look at it, it looks wildy off center because while the five just ends in a line, the four ends at a single point.  It looks off to the right.  Is this still the way real numbers on real jerseys are centered.  By the widest section on the number set(point on the 4 to the far edge of the 5).  This probably makes no sense.

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