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Design Contest for Full Contact Poker

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While browsing the internet tonight, I came over something that would probably be of interest to most of you. Daniel Negranu is having a contest to design a logo for his website ( So, I figured with the top prize at $2,000 dollars or an all expenses paid trip to Vegas with a chance to win $4,000 dollars, I figured I would mention it to the community.

Here is the quote from the site

So while we were talking shop the idea popped up about doing a contest to come up with a cool new logo for Full Contact Poker. What better way then to have a contest for all of the loyal FCP Forum members.

The rules are simple: Send up to three logos to by noon on June 15th and if we choose your logo you'll have a choice between two prizes:

An all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas for a weekend where you and I would play a series of challenge matches for $500 each. We'd play each of the following:

Golden Tee

NBA Showtime

NFL Blitz



Limit Hold'em

No Limit Hold'em

A Game of H.O.R.S.E.

You'd win $500 for every game you beat me in! Or, if you aren't up for a fun weekend of gambling with me and the boys, you can opt for a $2000 cash prize instead.

It should be a fun contest and I'm curious to see what you all come up with.

and the link

Negranu's Journal

You have to scroll down some to find it.

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