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Name That Font!


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The unconquered text is Glades Bold, FSU's proprietary custom font by Nike.

But if one is crafty with PDF files, the full vector can be found in any current (2010-) Niketeam catalog.

Thanks guys, I ended up finding that catalog and tracing it by hand.

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Can anyone point me out to the font used in the "A-League" (Australian Soccer League)?

Likely it's a custom made font and not available to the public, but I'd love to know what font it is and where I could get a similiar looking one.



any help would be very appreciated.

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whats the name of the font, the oakland raiders use?

also does someone know this font? been looking for this for about 13y now...

its was used on the 1998 nike jerseys.




Raiders font is Futura Heavy.

The font on those soccer jerseys looks to be a version of DIN.

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