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Name That Font!


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Nah, wouldn't be Stratum. It's close to it, I will say that.

Even WhatTheFont was no help.

Looks like Forza then


BLAM! Nailed it!

It's Forza Black Italic. Mucho thanx for the help, slapshot! :flagcanada:B)

BTW, you can DL it for free here: http://www.roughgroove.com/files/forza/

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"84" looks to be Friz Quadrata also. "Louisiana World Exposition" is Eurostile Extended, probably Medium.

Eurostile Extended was right on the money. THANKS!

I downloaded Friz Quadrata and the "84" is extremely close. However, it varies slightly. Are there any modified versions of the font that you all are aware of? I've downloaded a bold version of the font but that is too wide.

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Sorry again, folks. WhatTheFont is absolutely useless!

Any clue as to what font this wordmark uses?


I don't know what the font is but whatthefont is far from useless. I get perfect results about 90% of the time...

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i agree w PC, WTF is extremely helpful. i use it regularly if/when i get stuck. if the WTF automator can't match it, post it in the forums. usually if it's (fairly) common you'll get an answer in under an hour. with the phone apps, it's way busier than it was a few years ago.

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