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Name That Font!


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i'm looking for these fonts:


Slant http://www.dafont.com/slant.font is close but this is likely a custom font.

ITC Avant Garde Gothic, probably Bold or Black if available.... Also includes the special characters from "ITC Avant Garde Gothic Alternates"

do you know where i can get a free version?

I know im late to the party, but if you still need those fonts just pm me man.

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Does anyone know what fonts are used here?


Can't remember the main font off the top of my head, I think I have it on my other computer though. I will check later. However, I can say that the "drug store" bit is an italicized Gill Sans weight, and the 'phone number is in Century Gothic.

Does anyone know what font or free font would be close to this? I'm assuming it is a custom font, but... given USD's athletic budget, maybe not.


Looks like ITC Machine to me.

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  • Would like to know the name of the font used on Yahoo Fantasy football. It is also used extensively by the University of Alabama in their football and other athletic programs. I've tried whatthefont.com but cannot find an exact match. I do know it is NOT city bold but is very similar, and more curvy. Thank you.

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