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Name That Font!


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What about this font? :)



Those are two different fonts. The first appears to be FF DIN or a variation thereof. The second is a custom font that Puma has been using on kits and merchandise this year, including in the World Cup, so I doubt it will be widely available.

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I'm stumped on these. Maybe its because we have always had miss-matching fonts and signs but I cant find a font that is exact.

From what I gather so far
Gerrard = Clearview (with a tighter kerning?)
Sweeney = Roadway (with the lower case situated on the bottom rather than top)
Green Bush = Appears to be a tighter/condensed version of Roadway
Parkhurst = Appears to be a slightly bolder Roadway with very tight kerning. (btw the "E" is similar to the one in "SWEENEY RD")
Weston = Appears to be a stretched and thin Roadway
Lower Jarvis = Appears to be another Roadway but thin and stretched similar to "WESTON RD"
Coronation = Haven't bothered searching yet, should be a little easier to find though.
Sarah Burke = The "R" and "E" is what is throwing me off. I'm pretty sure this is the typical font used for the rural areas on Ontario but I can't find an exact font.

Any help or confirmation would be appreciated. Thanks.


btw, very jealous of that guys collection of street signs. It's a real pain to acquire them now since they auction off anywhere from $100 to $500 a piece.

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Coronation and Sarah Burke are Helvetica


Thanks. I must have over written my Helvetica file because it is slightly different when I checked it prior to testing others. It definitively is in that family though, I'll keep looking around. I do feel kinda stupid now lmfao.

I have looked a little more and it appears to be Neue Helvetica 57 Condensed. Too bad I don't have $30 to spend on personal use :P Guess I will just have to stretch the normal Helvetica.

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Looking for the Ohio State Buckeyes Pro Combat/Rivalry uniform numbers/font:


Looks pretty close to United to me, but with a custom '4'. Not sure which weight.

anyone knows the name of the font that says Tracer, or something similar?


Looks very much like it's hand-drawn lettering, not a font. The Rs are very inconsistent.

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I know that the numbers are from the FSU Glades Bold font, like on this sample pic:


But is there a font similar to those from the FSU Glades Bold numbers? And what about that unique script font on the world "Seminoles"? Is there a font similar to that one too?

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