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Name That Font!


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7 hours ago, Telemundo219 said:

Hey all. Does anyone know the font found in the Pacers Earned Jersey?

Tungsten Semibold and Agency Bold


6 hours ago, CDunn said:

Does anybody know something relatively close to the "John Mayer" font in the top right? It's like a vintage appliance or car logo's font. I just can't think of it.

Couldn't find an exact match, but AmericanCooper Block Black has a similar structure to it.

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3 hours ago, rattyrattera said:

If it's okay I'm going to be requesting a number of historic helmet number fonts for a project


Boston College from the late 1950's to 1961

For early 60's helmet numbers like that (Chargers and Broncos had them as well) I use a thinner LHF Egyptian with extended acute angles and higher middle bar on the 5.


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2 hours ago, rattyrattera said:

More helmet numbers, this time Clemson, latter half of 1957. I can supply more images if needed but those in their yearbook are of relatively poor quality.


You're right, not a lot of pixels to work with, but I'd just use a normal athletic block and elongate (NOT stretch, the horizontal and vertical weight looks to be equal) it to size.  An elongated MLB Block might fit the bill nicely.


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