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Name That Font!


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I'm starting a project to make number/name sheets for the NBA. What I need are the fonts for the nameplates for as many NBA teams as possible.

I have the Lakers done number-wise, so that one's the priority, but any others would be very helpful and I would be quite grateful. Thanks!

Just off top, I can tell you Denver's font is called Aachen (it's also used by the U. of Maryland and the U. of Alabama I believe...at least I think they're still using it).

As far as Portland, it's modified to be sure, what with all the "serifs" and what not, but it looks like an italicized bersion of Hattenschweiller (I'm not even sure I spelled that right). That's about the closest I can think of...but then I also ain't the font master in this piece (that title, hands down, goes to Mr. Slapster, JP22).

The Suns use what looks to be City Bold.

Most of the other ones are customized...and of course, teams like Boston and Chicago use a standard block of some sort (there's a couple different versions available in the link to user eriqjaffe's sig).

I figure I might as well tell everyone here... After doing my research and whatnot, the Nuggets font is a MODIFIED version of Aachen Bold, as it's thinner than the base font. I recreated the "DENVER", "NUGGETS" & the # 1, 3 & 5.

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Does anyone know where I can find a big variety of fonts? I've looked at www.dafont.com but am wondering if there are more out there! thank you!


welcome to the internet, while you are here you may want to check a site called www.google.com

seriously, though, there are literally thousands of free font sites. i prefer abstractfonts.com to most of them

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I know that this is probably impossible but is there such a font as this?


I still have not been able to find this. I seen somewhere that it had the word "philadelphia" writen with this font so it has to be out there somewhere, Right? If anyone knows, please let me in on the fun. Thanks.

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