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Name That Font!


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Anyone have or know where I can find a freeware version of the font Volta Bold? Thanks in advance.

I found it for only $19.95, if that helps at all...supports a designer too!

Yea, I found it too. I just thought I would ask if someone had a free version or a simular font first. Thanks.

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Need some assistance...

...Somewhere, out there in the font world, is a font that's very similar in style and feel to the one that Chevrolet uses. Someone posted a picture and a link to it somewhere in this forum but I cannot for the life of me remember where I saw it. I know it exists because as I'm typing this request, my fingers are striking the letters of that font (it's on my keyboard). FWIW, I'm on a Toshiba Satellite L305-S5907 laptop.

I wanna say it was like Utica or something like that...can anyone out there help a brotha out??? Many thanks in advance.

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Klavika, from Process Type Foundry, is the typeface that Chevrolet uses for all of its advertising and collateral materials.

That's the one. Big ups to gordie_delini. I will most definitely be throwin' down some change for that font family there.

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Sorry if this has been asked before, but I;ve searched and searched and found nothing.


What is the "Game Centers" font?

and what is the "Analysis & Opinions" font

Also, does anyone know the font that the NFL logo uses?

I would bet that "Game Centers" and "Analysis & Opinions" are the same font, just "Game Centers" extended a little more. I believe the font is called "Orbit" and is proprietary to the NFL (i.e. not commercially available).

I'd also bet that the NFL logo script is custom, but it is likely based on "Endzone," another font proprietary to the NFL.

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