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FIFA World Cup 2006 Project


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these don't really say "Argentina" to me despite the sun from the flag, but that's mainly cus I'm used to the stripes. the sash is a good idea though, as a lot of Argentinian clubs wear one

What is a 'sash'?

It's fun to play 'what if' here. But if you were to go into the Argentine Soccer Federation offices and say that about the blue/white vertical striped jersey, you'd be banished from the country for treason.

Same holds if anyone tried to get Italy out of the blue or Brazil out of the yellow.

The Italian Blue IS a national color although it wasn't no more in the current flag. The blue is a historical color of Italy. Consult it in every website of vexillology.


I didn't like the Argentinean projected jersey. I live in Argentina right now.

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If you removed Argentina's stipes, many people would be upset.

Also, Argentina wears Adidas, not Nike

Yeah... the Argentinean stripes in soccer are like the famous Yankee Pinstripes in baseball.

Argentina historically used Adidas, Le Coq Sportif and Reebok. Never used Nike because that wears Brazil, its longtime archrival. In South America usually if Nike goes along with one powerhouse, the Nike's competitors will go along with the other powerhouse... like Italy and Germany.

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Yah, taking Argentina out of their traditional sky-blue and white striped kit would lead to some serious problems (and probably some rioting on the streets as well)...

It'd be like telling the Yanks to lose the pinstripes or Notre Dame to lose the golden helmets...just ain't gonna happen.


Also, as an FYI, Italy's kits are by Puma now (switched to them for Euro 04)...and personally, I don't like them one bit (sorry, but vegas gold for the numbers and name? um, no...it's next to impossible to read them...especially on the clash kit (the white one) )...

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1. I don't care who makes whoever's jerseys, I just got a company and placed it, so don't complain.

2. If your going to so psycho on me because of colours, don't comment (I understand jersey elements).

3. Thanks for the comments and critisism guys. :D

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