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First crack at a uni


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Hey everyone. Long time reader, former sporadic poster on the old, old message board here. I got bored the other day and decided to get creative. This led to my first real attempt at a bunch of uniforms. The problem is: I don't have any real design talent or any quality graphical programs (just Paint  :P ). So I'm left with a set of jerseys with no logos, wordmark, or even a team name. I am however, pretty happy with how the colors and the design turned out.  I also like the fonts I found to stick on there, but I'm sure a real wordmark would be better.

A few notes before I insert the link

1) Comments/suggestions/constructive criticism is definitely welcome. If anyone comes up with a logo, wordmark, or name that they think would be fitting or cool (even a redesign of an existing team), let me know.

2) Since, as I mentioned before, I don't have a logo, I can't accurately present this as I see it in my head. I would ideally like an alternate logo behind the neck on all jerseys, a primary logo on the front right leg of the home and road shorts, and primary logos on the side of both legs of the alternate shorts.

3) Credit to STLFan for the template and Shark for the color palettes for the various pro teams that I used to put this together.

Home & Away


Thanks for looking.

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I really like your ideas here. i am a big fan of plain and simple, yet modern and different. i like the idea of the stripe running down the left side only and the white part on the shorts.

the colours are kinda gross, but i'm just not a big fan of green no matter what it is - car, clothes, wallpaper etc.

i think you should continue to design.

as far as logos go, there are a whack load of sites to find them including chris creamers (hooray!).  

i think most of us use paint so don't worry - i just learned how to draw a straight line on PSP 8 today - took me 4 days.

anyways, try again and i'll look forward to seeing what you can do next time.

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I like your home & away designs, but I am not a fan of the alt. jersey.  

Home & Away:

The only thing I really don't like on thejersewy is the puke-gold color you have (this applies to the alt. jersey as well).  I like the design on the side of the shorts, as well as on the jersey.  This definetly gives the jersey some character.  Overall a great design, just work on the color scheme.


Mainly, the main color you used is scary.  Also, the white stripes on the shorts look akward.  I think that stripes should stay at teh top and bottom of the shorts, not going across the entire front, especially that big.  Maybe you could give some stripes to the sleeve area on the jersey.

Team & Logo:

I can only see the Bucks taking on this uniform in the pros, if the color scheme stays relatively the same.  Maybe a college near your area would be a better target?  I have an easy time creatig logos if I have a city or there to go from.  Try to pick a local university to use on the uniform.

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BTW, when linking to your designs on geocities, it's best to put up the direct URLs for the graphics, rather than the holder pages.  That way, we don't have to get the popups or other things that geocities does to pages.
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Thanks for the feedback and definitely thanks for the praise.  I appreciate you guys taking the time to look and make thoughtful comments. As for the alternate - I decided to get a little adventurous and try to use the striping pattern from the home and road in a different fashion. I kind of suspected that the shorts would come out looking weird. Maybe it would have looked better if I used the lighter green for the alt. It didn't look as disgusting when I was making it - haha  :P  I also originally had some shoulder stripes on the alt. in the vein of those on the home and road, but I decided to take them off. Before I wrap up this rambling post of mine, I just wanted to say that I agree with the idea of using the Bucks - it was pretty much the only thing that came to mind for me. Also, Chris' site was down when I made this.

Thanks again, guys. Keep the comments coming.

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