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Baltimore Orioles Concept


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Thought I'd give this a shot here....

Basically, I kind of went with the late 60s-early 70s look for the O's and updated a few things accordingly...personally I think this would be a nice look for the team...

Anyways, here it is....

EDIT: New primary logo added



C&C appreciated and welcomed! :D

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Your concepts are always quite impressive. In this one, you use something I wish more teams would revive -- single-color names.

They're so much more readable. When teams go overboard with one-, or even two-, color piping in the name, the letters smush into each other and get quite 'blurry,' especially from a distance.

This one is so effectively simple. Good job.

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Incredible! I love the logos, although I agree the primary may be a bit busy. The jerseys are really impressive as well. I'm not a big fan of stirrups, but that's just me...I'm a high sock kinda guy.

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I'm not going to beat the dead horse about the primary, I think the people have spoken.

I'll say this: The O's have some of the most striking uniforms in MLB. The colors, the script, the logo. Accordingly, people always try to improve a "new classic". My friend, you've outdone them all - these are spectacular! :shocked:

Right down to "Baltimore" on the road jersey (give up, Angelos... your market is Baltimore) and the stripes on the stockings (and for those who don't like stirrups, make long socks with stripes, and solve the issue... just show some color on your calves!) and the minimal arching on the last names.

My only beef is the two alternates. The idea of an alternate is something to wear occasionally, home or away. Having two gets excessive. I'd take those orange jerseys (no one wears orange alts in MLB, the Mets have orange BPs, or used to at least) as a 3rd jersey and leave it at that.

Nice work!

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