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Baltimore Orioles Concept


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Here's my suggestion for improving the primary. Lose the diamond, the home script, and just have the batting oriole on the baseball, and then write "Baltimore Orioles" around it like one of their older logos. I think that might be simpler and work out well. Oh also, I noticed you used varsity numbers instead of regular block. I sorta like the O's just using regular block. Varsity is getting overused in baseball, I think. Yankees, Twins, Braves...maybe another? But hey you got radial nameplates instead of arched, so go you!

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Well, I listened to the public in regards to the C&C on the primary logo...took a look at it and I have to agree...it did come out a bit cluttered.

So, I decided to fit the motif..

The new primary


It's already been added to the original concept as well....hope this meets to approval ;)

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Don't kill me if I tell you that this primary logo is a bit loaded! :P

I like it, I give it 8.5/10 but the baseball sews appear to "make some noise" with the batting bird.

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