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Oakland A's Concept

oakland ehs

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didn't try green on yellow for the chest, but i just didn't think it would look good.

might move the number up because i'm a fan of symmetry or near symmetry.

i decided to put both the BP elephant and the regular elephant on the sleeves because it seemed a little bare with only one. i'm primarily a fan of the one on the ball, but if i had to choose one for this uniform, it'd be the BP.

also tried the home hat for this one, but it didn't work out.

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I'm not sure where the trend of putting the number low on the right started (the Rangers do it, the White Sox sort-of do it, etc.) but I don't like it. I think it looks way better in line with the logo on the left chest, like the old Phils.

I like your choice of yellow for the logo / numbers, but I'd get rid of one of the sleeve patches. Probably teh one on the right (sunburst elefant.) Also, maybe green trim around the sleeves (like the Rockies have on their black vest) would work here, to go with the piping.

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refresh to see the updated image if you can't yet.

i moved the number up and increased the size a bit.

tried adding piping around the sleeve opening, but it started to look crowded and i couldn't get it to look how i wanted.

still undecided about the sleeve logo so i'll leave it up for discussion.

i personally prefer the elephant because it's classic, and the BP elephant should stick with the BP jerseys, but it seems to look better with this uniform because i've used more yellow.

i also like to have something on both sleeves, but i don't want the same patch on both sides, so i'll either leave one empty or think of something else.

keep giving me your feedback. i'm starting to enjoy this concept thing and might make a few more.

would anyone like to see this uniform on the road, or a green alt in the similar style?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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