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hey guys i'm starting up a .com and i was wondering what provider to go through? i don't need tons of space or anything, all i need is the .com name and a few email addresses with it. i use dreamweaver to design the site so i think it is ok to use linux.

any suggestions? mr creamer, what do you go through? ???

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I'm the one who provides Chris with the space and bandwidth.  I also provide Ryan from theSLE.com with space and unlimited bandwidth, but no, I'm not "in the know" as to why the site remains down regularly.

I'm not non-profit though by any means.  I just offer them free space/bandwidth because I support their efforts, and I know they aren't in turn trying to make any money.  The dpmonline.com domain was used for a business (Diversified Product Management, Inc.) I have since sold.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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