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Las Vegas MLB v2.0


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Go with A on the tail.

I would make "Chaps" larger on the alt, and consider adding a swish to the s. I'm not a fan of the light blue cap, unless maybe it was all light blue, but I'd be interested to see what you thought of a light blue alternate.

I like how the poker chip has a look like it could also be interpreted as a sun, which would be appropriate for Vegas.

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Tail A is definitely the best. And I really like how it looks on the cap, stretched horizontally like that (kinda like the Orioles).

These are great colors. My only suggestion would be to push the light colors at home (gold and blue), and push the black on the road (black caps?)

Overall, very nice.

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Tail "A" came out nicest, but it makes the cap logo so wide that there'll be a lot of blank space in the center of the area that the cap logo would occupy. (Does that make sense?)

The blue is a little pale for caps. After a season of sweat, they could turn an awful dirty color. Maybe a black brim or some more gold on the home cap?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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