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Burns Lake Bruins


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<MC Hammer>

Move, slide your rump

Just for a minute let's all do the bump

U can't touch this

Ring the bell, school's back in!

</MC Hammer>

C'mon, only two responses?

I've fixed the eyes and the corners near the ears, but I don't know what else I can improve on. Help me out! :D

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I also say he looks crosseyed, also instead of have three skinny outlines make

one, possibly 2 thicker outlines, I feel you can do better with the

highlights/shading in the face along with detail. If you use less of a color scheme it

also may look better, try getting rid of the yellowish-brown color. Black,brown,

and yellow should do the trick.

One other thing that may need touched up on is a mouth, never seen black teeth

before. Good start, it has potential, keep working at it.

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Glenn my man... to be blunt...

Not your best work... ive seen you knock some out of the park and this is a grounder to the pitcher... i dunno man... the work mark is ok but the paw needs to be fixed or scrapped... the primary needs some serious work try some of gamecocks suggestions... i dunno... usually im not so negative probably cuz i know you can do way better... i feel and sound like a disappointed parent...lol

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Here's an update:


? Fixed the eyes so he's not so cross-eyed.

? Fixed the corner near the ears.

? Didn't totally get rid of the light brown, but de-emphasized it; the light brown is also a shade darker than before.

? Made fewer, thicker outlines around the bear's head.

Keep the C&C coming. It's the only way I'll learn. :D

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looking better......still Ill bring up the mouth* as i said in my last reply. The jaw make it rounder, a bears jaw isnt a perfect cut square. One way to help is use a photo as a reference, using shading may change the overall quality ton, but you are just using shapes (black oval-like shaped on the forehead. To fix this shading problem, decide were the light source is coming from, then the highlights and shadows should be seperated, one more disturbance is the long jaw, shorten it up a bit. You'll get there just keep trucking and it will be a good package.

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what the main problems i see, is no depth. Everything on the bear seems to be on the same plane.

while your ideas are good, the execution needs work.

I suggest starting the bears head in black, and work on coloring just the parts that would stick out, the snout, the brow, the ears. then color the eyes that menacing yellow.

you will get a more cartoonish, but menacing, and dimentional view of the grizzlebee.

good start tho.

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