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another Milwaukee Brewers concept

just accept whats dealt to ya  

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After seeing a rash of bad Brewers concepts pollute our fine sports logo community, I felt it necessary to take matters into my own hands....again.

As most of you would expect, I only used the current logos and colors here. No glove logo, no barrel man, no germanic font. Just the beautiful unappreciated scheme that the Brewers currently wear. Because there is NO ROOM for compromise.

I refuse to lower myself to making some sort of bastardized monstrosity using the glove, barrel man, germanic font, and barley all together in a futile attempt to "satisfy everyone". <_<

Im too smart for that. sorry........actually, no, Im not sorry ^_^

yes, I went modern here. using shoulder striping featuring a barley pattern. about the only thing Ive done here that is remotely similar to "retro" is the barley on the bill of the hat, done in the same manner as this franchise's original one-season identity did, the Seattle Pilots


There ya go. Its MODERN! YAY! Nostalgia be damned!

all you fans of the glove, barrel man, and germanic font need to get over yourselves and accept whats in front of you. Thank you. :hockeysmiley:

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