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My very first concept!


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O.k. well here it goes,aftermonths of enjoying all the awesome concepts I have seen on this board , I finally got brave enough to try one on my own ...

First of all sorry about the MS paint but it is what i know how to use so far... I'm presently working with A.I. and learning so hopefully future concepts I can use illustrator...So I chose the Arizona Cardinals because everyone took their shot at it before they unveiled the new ones , and I'm still not that fond of the new ones ....Anyway here it goes , I included the 2 helmets to see what you guys think, I prefer the red w/ the black face mask...I darkened the red a bit I thhought it looked a little better... o.k. well go easy on me , I'm still a rookie!!! c&c welcome though


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Not bad for a first try. Here's some things that IMO would improve it.

Home set:

-Lose the white cuff. It looks out of place. Just leave it black.

Away set:

-Instead of the two color cuff, just go with black.

-I don't think that all-black socks work with dark red pants. Maybe white socks with a stripe (thin-black, thick red, thin-black) would work better.

Both sets:

-Try different numbers. Your's aren't terrible, but I think you can find something or make something that would look a little better. Also, the number 44 isn't really a good indicator of a number font, because it doesn't show any hint of what the other numbers in the set would look like.

-Go with the dark helmet for both sets. It looks great.

Nice job. Keep it up.

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Thanks for the responses guys.... yeah i kinda thought I should do something with the numbers ,I kinda customized that font myself , and i wasnt really that happy with it ... i'm gonna try to change it ...

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