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Vegas Baseball


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hopefully I will finish up my football concept with this logo soon too..

Sorry, I forgot the put a name to it of Las Vegas Conquistadores. I started with the name and colors. Figured it works since people go to Vegas in search of $.... ok that is some people do.

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Great stuff. Nice colors, good logo (although the conquistador's eyes look either rheumy or sleepy). My only suggestion would be to vertically elongate the number font. It's a little squat to be used on the backs, especially without a last name on the back. It leaves a lot of blank space.

And I'd put the logo on the other side of the BP jersey. It doesn't look right on the right chest. (And black BP jerseys? In Vegas?! Gonna be awfully hot to run around in black jerseys all summer... B) )

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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