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Mighty Ducks of Anaheim


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i didn't create a seperate topic for my concept, you shouldn't have, either. If there is already a topic that is on the subject to want to discuss or post, then do it in that thread.

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Personally, I think this thread is unnecessary as well...

just like on the other board, multiple threads regarding the same thing buries the stuff people want to see... if you would post it under the same thread, then that thread would stay near the top of the page.

In response to your jerseys, I say 'nice job, but they need something more'. They are solid as hockey jerseys, but I think you could've taken a few more creative liberties in designing them... it almost looks like it was made by a machine that mass-produces hockey jerseys. The jersey needs something that makes it stand out, makes it unique. The Mighty Ducks aren't a team full of tradition, so they don't necessarily need a jersey that sticks to tradition.

Keep it up, though... and BTW, I personally think your white jersey looks the best.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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