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New Orleans Jazz


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did this sorta as a continuation to my Utah Swarm concept...since Utah would be the Swarm, that would free up New Orleans to be the nickname they deserve, the Jazz. Here's the logo sheet:


C&C welcome :)

Jerseys to come soon ;)

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Got some definite possibilities. But where are you gonna use the masks? And puleeze! No gold alternate uniform set, thank you! Will wait for the uniforms. B)

thx...yea i'll do white, green, and purple jerseys ;)

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Whether the sax is used as a "J" or a "Z", either concept is light years beyond the generic stuff being used in Utah. At least the old logo's "J" tripled as a basketball and a music note - which puts it up there with the Brewers' ball & glove logo for sheer creativity*. This would work with the Swarm/honeycomb concept...

Good concepts, both of you.

* declaring the Brewers' logo is creative and extolling its unique brilliance is in no way an endorsement of the Brewers' logo to return, nor a condemnation of it to eternal death. There, I said it. Carry on.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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