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Pittsburgh Pirates Uni Concept


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Well, let the insults fly. This looked better in my mind than on my LCD screen, but I figure I'd finish it up and give it a go anyways. Let me know what you think of it. Comments and criticism, por favor.


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Nice thinking, but the hat really doesn't match the jersey at all. And although it shouldn't have an effect on YOUR concept, and you shouldn't let it either, the Pirates, I think (?), are trying not to use a lot of red any more, just a little as trim for the alts that they carried over over from their previous uni's, thus the reasoning for switching the alt. hat's brim from red to yellow.

But good creativity coming out of this, so keep it up and you'll definately get there.


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sorry, but when i think pittsburgh pirates red dosnt come to mind.

Ditto that. I always liked that the Pittsburgh teams all fell in line with the city's colors and adopted black and gold for themselves. A little civic pride and continuity goes a long way. You always know if you're playing a Pittsburgh team.

Red's not bad as a trim color, but this the red equivalent of the infiltration by black where it shouldn't be anything more than an auxiliary color (SEE: Detroit Lions, Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Royals...). Having a red bandana is striking for the logo, like the red and blue hypocycloids on the Steelers' logo; having a red jersey goes too far against the grain to work, IMO.

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