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New York Firebirds


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This is my team for the AA Fantasy League here on the boards. I reworked the whole concept, guiltlessly stealing the Pontiac firebird, cause I can't draw for anything. I figured I'd post it here for any criticism - so fire away! (P.S. - I think the larger version of the Old English "NY" is crooked cause the concept is too big, not sure)


Here's the original, for references' sake:


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Not bad.

I'd try to find a way to incorporate the text into the primary logo more seamlessly. The old english font doesn't mix well with the flowing lines of the bird.

I can't tell what kind of font you used for "Firebirds" on the jerseys either, but that doesn't seem to flow with the strongest part of the identity either.

I do like the colours you've picked. The Shea Stadium patch is huuuge on the sleeve (I'd remove it altogether), but otherwise the jerseys seem pretty solid. Fairly conservative, which isn't a bad thing in baseball.

The BP uniform shows a bit of pizzazz (if only it was "pizzas", but "pizzazz" is okay too). Could use a little work, as once again, it doesn't quite mirror the strongest part of the design as well as it could.

All in all, a solid fantasy concept, especially if you're not dead set on original logos. :)

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