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1,000th post celebrations

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I finally reached my 1,000th post and thought I'd celebrate by introducing a whole bunch of concepts, there are 10, I guess one for every 100 posts. Just something for you to look at, but any comments are welcome.


This is an idea I had for the Pacers, used the carolina hurricanes font.

Indiana Pacers

LA Clippers. Nothing too big here, I just added a little more elements to the uniform and got rid of the red road set. The scripts, numbers and player name are from the NBA uniform project.

Los Angeles Clippers

This is a fantasy team called the San Diego Seals. I got the idea for the uniforms from a bathing suit I have. Oh and those of you who don't like the Padres camo jerseys will hate this team's alts, and those of you who do like the Padre's camo jerseys will still hate this team's alt

San Diego Seals


Jacksonville Jaguars, made helmet gold, changed pants to gold, changed road numbers back to teal.



Seahawks crossover, just because crossovers are fun.

Seattle Seahawks Hockey crossover

Blue's alternate concept

St. Louis Blues

A pretty obvious alternative to the mooterus.

Dallas Stars

Everyone and their dog has done this concept, but here's my attempt

New York Islanders

Colorado Avalanche, made the blue darker, removed the black and replace that damn sasquatch with the colorado rockies logo.


Devil's black alt, I originally did white numbers and liked it, decided to see what red numbers would look like and accidentally deleted the better of the two, so here it is devils black alt.

New Jersey Devils

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i like them. one about the devils alt try green :D

Beat me to it, redsfan...

Random thoughts about the concepts:

PACERS: They changed their logo - added gray, new wordmark. Incorporate them into the new concept, and you've got a nice set. I would make the striping a little thicker on the road set, because you're not using white as a 3rd color the way you can use navy and gold on the home whites.

SEALS: Reverse the colors on the shorts. The black space on the shorts (both sets) occupies the majority of the fabric. The majority of the fabric ought to be in the same color that primarily makes up the jersey. Otherwise, it looks very mismatched - see the Raptors and their half purple/half black nonsense. Try using the numbers from the alt that match the wordmark - especially since you do use them on the camo set. It's a great design concept - and a nice San Diego military touch with the camos.

JAGS: Since you took out so much of the black, making the helmets gold goes almost too far. Your use of gold and teal in the jerseys is nice, and the black would offset them both well if they helmets were black.

SEAHAWKS: Needs some of that bright green to offset the drab gray-blue body and accent color. Very monotone; the green would really make things pop on this jersey.

ISLES: Needs the orange, for the same reason the Seahawks' X-over needs green. Lighter blue on darker blue needs some livening up...

AVS: The color change is nice, I am ambivalent about the Sasquatch foot (kinda like it, don't miss it), but the alt looks entirely too much like the Vancouver Canucks. And in light of recent history between the teams, I wouldn't go in that direction.

Happy 1000th... I am creeping toward 800.

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thanks for the feedback, anyone else?

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Isles need Orange... pretty please with sugar on top...

Funny you did that for your 1000th, I was planning to do something similar, I even told the guys in the fantsy sectio I would email them instead to avoid getting to 1000 too fast, but then I ran out of time to gaher all my concepts and post them.

Overall, it's solid work...

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Pacers and Jags are pretty nice. I agree a little with what VD said about the Jags. Maybe keep the helmets black. But gold is not too bad.

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