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Indians Alternate Idea

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Colored button placket = :puke:

The number placement just looks odd on a baseball jersey, and distracts from the wordmark. It looks like the red in the number is different from the red in the wordmark.

Also, two patches (especially that size) may be a bit much. Although I support removing Wahoo from the caps.

I'm not against trying new things with jerseys, it's just that the new things here just don't work together imo.

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Ouch. Not liking any part of this one. For what it's worth, here's my take - maybe it'll help, maybe it won't.

1. Coloring in the space where the buttons go looks just heinous. There's a reason nobody does this.

2. The number on top of the wordmark... there is also a reason this is something nobody does.

3. To adjust for #2, the wordmark starts too low and is angled too steeply.

4. Because of the colored placket area from #1, you have the middle of your jersey as red... with red lettering running across it.

5. The Chief Wahoo patches are too large for the sleeves.

6. Matching patches on either sleeve is better served for hockey than pro baseball. Most teams leave at least one sleeve plain in case they have to memorialize someone who died.

7. The gray belt would be worn with... gray shoes? Uh... umm...

8. The "I" cap insignia has never belonged on the cap. Generally, teams use the initial(s) of the city/state for a cap logo if they use a letter at all. Thus, a "C" is more warranted than an "I".

9. The red stripe on the pants pocket. Again, there is a reason this isn't done today.

I respect the effort, and it isn't fair to just say "I don't like it" and move on. But I don't like it, and I tried to offer insight as to why.

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