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Steelers concept


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I don't know where I got this idea but anyway, the Illawarra Steelers were a team in the National Rugby League (NRL) here in Australia who merged with St George around 2000. As the senior partner the St George "brand" has lived on in the joint venture team and there is little trace of the Steelers left. Once a year the Dragons wear a Steelers throwback jersey to remind us that they are technically St George-Illawarra.

The old Steelers jerseys were a basic red with sleeve stripes, and they later added some stripes on the jersey itself. Always very basic red and white. They had a classic 80s logo of a "Steeler" who looked like a spaceman so I've dug that back out rather than the more literal logo they used their last few seasons in the NRL.

So I got to wondering what the Steelers would wear if they were still around in 2005... I've gone for a jersey style in keeping with current NRL trends, but gone slightly radical on the second jersey. The Steelers used to be sponsored by BHP Steel who are now known as Bluescope so that provided some inspiration for the second jersey colours rather than just reversing the main jersey.

Anyway, C+C appreciated


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HOLY C***! I never thought I'd see the day that my team would get a concept here :).

I think the traditionalists would slaughter anyone who messed with the red and white; the blue works well, but just isn't the Steelers to me - they were ALWAYS the red and white (the differentiation from St. George was principally the fact that the Steelers were predominantly red, instead of the Dragons who were predominantly white).

I do like the idea that you found a different design for the alternate. The old colour inverting never satisfied me, and you never saw anyone walking around in them.

There was rumour of the merged team adopting the name "St. George Illawarra Steeldragons" which would have made for some very interesting logos indeed.

The Steelers still play in Jersey Flegg, though, I think. So there IS a current Steelers strip (they use the Steelers logo which reminds me of the Islanders' Fisherman though, instead of the Steeler-man).

Wish I could find a high-res picture of the Steelers' logo though. I'd try my own.

As for your design, I don't really believe in the trapezoid shape on the jersey, though I LOVE the grey addition in the Home.

And yeah, the blue still doesn't seem like the Steelers. Even the BHP sponsor didn't use their logo (only "BHP Steel" in white).

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Yeah the trapezoid actually tapers into a rounded top nearer the collar but its covered by the evil sponsor's logo which you have to include for realism ^_^

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Not knowing much about Australian rugby, I can't really comment on the history that's incorporated into this concept -- although it sounds cool!

As for the concept, I really like the design. It would be interesting to see how it would translate over to hockey...

St. George Illawarra Steeldragons? Isn't that one of the ABA expansion franchises? :P

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Yeah, I definitely prefer it (from a tradition point of view) without the blue. The grey is a lot less invasive.

It's somewhat interesting (or perhaps not) that your design, in essence is a red jersey with an upside-down white "v". Something of the opposite of the Dragons jersey :).

The design is solid, though the little bit of the parabola that pokes out above the logo reminds me of the tiny triangular red thing that used to appear under the word "Penfolds" on the St George get ups in the day, and would be eliminated in time by a sense of needlessness, in which case, the trapezoid would end up being there anyway :P.

Overall, I'm impressed. As with anything, I'd have to see it on a player, but it looks nice on paper (and something like many of the other designs of updated teams - Broncos for instance). Maybe if I can dig up a good photo of Wishy I'll Photoshop this concept onto him.

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