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fantasy NBA alternates


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OK, let me do a quick rundown on all these:

Bobcats- could use some orange in the wordmark/numbers

Cavaliers- awesome, but maybe more navy in the side striping

Nuggets- sweet

Rockets- maybe gray, so it uses a color in the actual color scheme

Grizzlies- maybe a sky blue alt would be better, since yellow is strictly an accent color

Knicks- sweet!

Magic- sweet!

Kings- I still hate that wordmark, but they're supposed to be getting new uniforms anyway

Jazz- nice, but I would have prefered a purple one

Wizards- Not bad! I just hate the stripe on the one side

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the wizards just need a complete overhaul - name, logo, unis, everything

imo, if you were to do a wiz alt, it probably should be black and not copper

i like the charlotte, houston, orlando, sacramento and utah ones best

excellent work overall

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I like them all, but the ones that really stood out to me are: Rockets, Charlotte, Memphis and the Knicks.

As I knick fan I would love to see that, and I think the memphis one is the BEST!

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for the knicks one try a blue stripe with black trim -- i think that would look a lot better-- even though it already looks great.

charlotte's perfect-- rockets are my favorite--- finally a black concept that works!

sacramento is nice--

not feeling the gold cavs or wiz

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Hey can you make a green Bucks one?

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