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World Baseball Classic project - Pool A



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Since we saw the generic looking jerseys the players were wearing at the World Baseball Classic press conference at the All Star Game, we all began to hope that those were not gonna be the jerseys the 16 national teams dress in next spring.

So, I took it upon myself to make uniforms for all 16 participating nations in the World Baseball Classic. Im gonna unveil them according to thier pools that they are placed in, starting with pool A the asian pool.

go to the WBC website to get an idea for when each country is gonna be unveiled

anyways, here are the first four:

Japan - pretty much the same as the concept I posted before, but with some minor tweaks. I took the piping off the home uniform and went with pinstripes, and reversed the colors on the piping on the road uniform. I also used a different number font. and oh yeah, I also kept that script logo that a certain user around here had a problem with :rolleyes:


Korea - I went blue hats and vests here with red piping. Yes I chose to go with the korean characters as the script. I just think it looks cooler. The shoulder logo I created myself, sort of a loose depiction of the korean COA. Also, yes, a red undershirt for the blue alt. vest. I know contrasting color undershirts with dark color vests isnt popular, but I felt it would work here.


China - no black here! just simple red and yellow-gold. I went with decorative trim on the sleeve cuffs and on the pants. Also, yes, I went with the chinese characters. they translate to "zhong ho" which means "China", and in case anyone gets confused, the sleeve patch is China written out in english in an asian style font


Taiwan - ok, in case anyone gets confused, the jerseys say "Chinese Taipei" to avoid political conflict with mainland China, which sees the island of Taiwan as a rebel state. That aside, I went with Giants style piping with the Angels font. the road uni I admit looks a lot like the Nationals road uni. while there are no chinese characters up front on the jerseys, I did use them on the shoulder logo.


Pool B will be unveiled sometime tomorrow night.

enjoy! :hockeysmiley:

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